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The head moves, the eyes are wide and looking around…They die piece by piece. ” This evidence solidifies the agony these gentle giants face in factory farms during slaughter. Slaughterhouses work at extremely fast paces, slaughter is not halted just because the animal wasn’t properly stunned, and the animal suffers at their expense. Forms of abuse don’t just take place in the slaughter, factory farmed animals are subject to the most abuse beforehand.

animal rights argument essay

Although some people may not support these facts, scientific evidence suggests that most animals perceive pain the same way human beings do. Governments have used this evidence to protect animal rights in many parts of the world. For example, three separate government committees , in the UK, affirm that most animals feel pain . However, Grandin says we need more research to explain essay assistant at collegeessayhelps the extent that these animals experience the pain. Grandin says animals also experience fear, the same way human beings do. Certainly, although fear is subjective, it causes significant stress to animals. This is why advocates of animal rights say they need environmental enrichments to prevent them from developing irregular developmental patterns, such as EEG patterns .

Is Animal Testing Necessary and Reliable?

Many have always seen animals as vicious threats so it would not matter how humans treat them. Not many know how much they suffer every day due to the treatment they get around the world from others. From the Old Testament to the New Testament, the Bible contains numerous references to other living beings besides humans.

Secret footage of a factory farm worker shows him performing this method, laughing as he throws a small piglet on the ground until it dies. Cohen basic argument, therefore, is that the concept of rights is human in nature and consequently; it does not apply to animals and animals cannot, therefore, be said to have any rights. As you can see, not all animals used for our entertainment are given the opportunity to live out their lives, even if their lifespan is already reduced. 2021 © StudyDriver.com – Big database of free essay examples for students at all levels. Animal abuse comes in many different forms, from physical assault, neglect, filmmaking, circuses and organised fights, these innocent animals endure hardships that are all classified as cruel. In 2017 there were over 70 thousand reports of animal abuse in Australia alone.

Studying History Essay: IELTS Task 2

For example, Christian teachings show that God gave man the power to control all animals . Therefore, many Christian societies know that human beings are superior to animals. Opponents may also contend that animals do not have the capacity to make free moral judgment and thus deserve no moral treatment. It is for example often argued that animals are selfish in their behavior and are only interested in their own wellbeing and not of other beings. The argument goes on that on the other hand; humans will always offer a helping hand to others even if it means getting disadvantaged in the process. This argument fails to recognize that some animals such as chimpanzees at times show behaviors that are truly altruistic . Moreover, it is not true that humans will always help fellow humans since there are situations in which a person would actually rejoice when another person is experiencing difficulties.

  • However, Reagan does not explicitly state which animals fulfil these stated traits, but beings that belong to the higher species category, for example, the vertebrates, fit his criteria.
  • Before you start writing your essay, you need to choose a good subject for your argumentative essay topic.
  • The idea of animal rights vs. animal welfare is a larger portion of the problem.
  • To understand the countless forms of abuse that take place in a factory farm its crucial to know just what a factory farm is.
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  • Indeed, unlike many animals, human beings can understand the differences between right and wrong.
  • In the case of chickens, the most abused animals on the planet according to PETA, a nonprofit organization devoted to the ethical treatment of animals, live their life in complete confinement.

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Downsides of Animal Testing

Males caves usually don’t last long due to their inability to produce milk & are killed off for meat. Animal testing is used to protect us humans from a wide range of chemicals and products, including drugs, vaccines, cosmetics, household cleaners, pesticides, foods, and packing materials. I personally am against animal testing due to highly questionable animal rights argument essay ethics and practicality issues. You may or may not agree with me, but by the end of this paper I hope you at least understand my logic. However, their thoughts are not theories of animal rights; instead, they are moral judgments of human actions on animals. Such ideas come from the consequences of what we perceive as right or wrong.

Each time an animal suffers or dies there is absolutely no benefit for humans. If the ecosystem is harmed, the humanity will have to pay for it, because environment is a delicate system which when disturbed can result in a chain of harmful effects for the humanity. With that said, people should not mess around with the environment animal rights argument essay and animals in particular, since nature is of great value for the humans and should be protected at all costs. Machan is among groups of researchers who do not understand why animals should have the same rights as people do. Particularly, they say it is a mistake for the government to entrench animal rights in law.

Animal Rights in The Book of Genesis

Moreover, the exposure of people to potentially dangerous substances is also reduced and as such, numerous diseases can be avoided. Speaking about animal testing as a direct violation of animal rights, it should be noted that testing does not always result in trustworthy outcomes. Although some experiments lead to the advancement of medical field, it might not be true for all situations. As stated above, some of the tested animals are not like humans and are kept under constant stress.

animal rights argument essay

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